My nailpolish is pink and covered in pink sparkles. It looked nice a few days ago, but I've been chipping it off. Her nails are purple and bear the same jagged scars.

Hey, did you know? I think to say, AJ still wears her nailpolish in the same way; with a line down the middle of her fingernail (which looks unattractive on her spidery fingers)...

I've been thinking about nailpolish a lot recently, you see, although, as you know, I'm not really the sort of person who's into those girly things. But lately I've been trying to wear it. I haven't asked if she likes it.

I wanted to ask, do you remember how AJ used to paint her fingernails? But I didn't. I think she'd probably remember anyway. I think we are content to sit in silence, chipping the nailpolish off our fingernails.